Focus on your Rehabilitation

The seven most common sports injuries are: 
-Ankle sprain 
-Wrist sprain 
-Groin pull 
-Hamstring strain 
-Knee injury: ACL tear/ meniscus tear 
-Tennis elbow 
-Rotator cuff injury 

PREVENTION: The proven way is to spend time on warming up exercises before starting your sport activity. At the end of your activity don't forget to do the cooling down exercises. 

Sport & Exercise Medicine Services

INITIAL MANAGEMENT: "R.I.C.E"- First line of treatment on landing a injury is 
                                         R- Rest 
                                         I- Ice 
                                         C- Compression 
                                         E- Elevation 

OUR ROLE is to first assess the damage, followed by treatment with electrotherapy procedures and a individualised exercise rehab program to get you back in action.